Low GI Breakfast

low gi breakfast cerealA Low GI Breakfast is probably the most important of all your low gi meals during the day. If you’re skipping breakfast in the misguided belief that it will help shed some excess weight, you’re sure to be disappointed!

Studies have shown that you’re likely to later crave, and consequently consume, more high glycemic foods thoughout the day which will propel that glycemic rollercoaster, and cause you to actually gain weight! That certainly won’t help you with your low glycemic diet or weightloss goals!

You’ve got less chance of losing weight by skipping meals than by having a great low GI breakfast to start to the day. You’ll feel better too! Just remember – missing breakfast isn’t good news for weight loss, and even worse news for maintaining optimal health.

So start your day with a healthy low glycemic breakfast to boost your metabolism to give you all the energy you need to get through the morning, and without leaving you feeling hungry again an hour later.

Try some of these simple Low GI Breakfast Ideas for a great start – Quick, Simple & No Recipe Needed!
•    Unsweetened, natural yoghurt mixed with fresh fruit and muesli.
•    Yoghurt, fruit and nut smoothies
•    Rolled oat porridge cooked with almond, oat, or rice milk, mixed with dried fruit & nuts
•    Rye toast with a poached egg, and fresh fruit
•    Whole-wheat pita stuffed with scrambled egg, and fresh fruit
•    All-bran muffin with nut butter spread, and fresh fruit
•    Natural yoghurt with frozen berries, topped with sunflower seeds & nuts
•    Wholegrain toast with salmon & avocado, and fresh fruit
•    Buckwheat pancakes topped with lightly stewed fruit
•    Baked beans on rye toast
•    Pumpernickel toast topped with melted low-fat cheese, and fresh fruit
•    Rye toast topped with light cream cheese, and fruit
•    Vegetable omelet, whole-grain toast, and fruit
•    Bircher muesli with yoghurt, fresh fruit, and nuts
•    Banana and a few nuts to eat on-the-go!

Foods to Avoid:
•    Processed, high GI breakfast cereals (that’s most of them!)
•    White and wholemeal breads, croissants, crumpets and pancakes
•    Sugar laden jams, marmalades and spreads
•    Full fat dairy products, such as milk, yoghurts and cheeses
•    Fat laden meats, such as bacon and sausages
•    Store bought, sweetened, processed fruit juices
•    Sugar in tea, coffee, or on cereals

Start your day with lasting energy! You’ll feel great, think more clearly and feel full longer. If you’re just learning about or starting out with a low gi way of life, put every effort into at least ensuring every day starts out with a delicious low gi breakfast as part of your new low glycemic diet.

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