Low GI Snacks

Low GI SnacksLow GI Snacks for in-between times when you’re not quite ready for your next low gi meal. They’re a great low glycemic diet aid to have on hand in-between meal times to prevent your blood sugar levels falling too low. However, do keep in mind that snacking can be the quickest way to undo all of your health, or weight related, efforts. A “snack” should always be a small snack! Definitely not another meal!

It’s also important to keep in mind that a late evening or midnight snack is not a good habit.  Remember too, that it’s best not to skip meals or allow yourself to feel overly hungry, as you’d be undoing your health-related and weight loss goals in the process. It only causes more spiking and plummeting of blood sugar levels, whereas we really need to be keeping those blood sugar levels steady.

When snacking, usually a small handful is sufficient to keep you going. Stay on track by making some healthy, low glycemic diet choices when you get the munchies.

Try these smart Low GI Foods as Snacks:
•    A small handful of mixed nuts
•    A small bowl of freshly popped popcorn
•    A few mixed grain crackers topped with ricotta cheese
•    Celery or a banana topped with natural peanut butter
•    Wholegrain pita chips topped with hummous
•    Baked corn chips with fresh salsa
•    Fresh or dried fruit
•    A hardboiled egg
•    Fresh cut vegetables
•    An oat bran muffin
•    Lentil dip with fresh carrot sticks, celery and cauliflower
•    Yoghurt topped with muesli
•    Banana smoothie
•    Trail mix made with dried fruit, nuts and seeds

Foods to avoid:
•    Sweets and lollies
•    Potato chips
•    Salted, roasted peanuts and other nuts
•    Pastries and cakes
•    Icecream
•    Biscuits and crackers

Just remember to keep some at the ready in your pantry, desk drawer, or handbag, so that you won’t be tempted by other less healthy options. And enjoy making up new options for healthy low gi snacks!

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